What I Do

Having worked in events management for over ten years, I am aware of what makes a wedding, or event, perfect.

As your Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies, my job is to ensure that every aspect of your day is taken care of, from liaising with your suppliers, to ensuring you are announced in the perfect way, as you make your entrance in front of your guests on your special day.

I will ensure that your wedding schedule is executed to the best that it can possibly be done, and that ultimately, your day is well and truly enjoyable – meaning 100% stress free!

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  • A pre-meeting for me to get to know you and more about your big day, including any schedules, timetables, and arrangements (this preferably should be at the venue, but if not, another location is also absolutely fine)
  • Being added to any WhatsApp supplier groups to liaise directly with other suppliers (e.g. Banqueting Manager, Wedding Planner, Event Manager, Musician/ Band)
  • Reaching out to other suppliers before the day (photographers, videographers, musicians etc.)
  • Draw up an ‘Internal Schedule’ which is a time keeping tool for myself of the running order of the day, approved by the client and can be shared with other suppliers too

  • Liaise with venue manager, event manager, catering manager and all other event suppliers to ensure everyone is on the same page and working from the same itinerary
  • Conduct checks to the main venue hall and lobby areas to ensure everything is ready for the arrival of guests
  • Meet and greet guests and first arrivals at the venue
  • Greet the couple
  • Working with the photographer and videographer to ensure all family, group and arrival shots can be taken
  • Ensuring all guests are comfortable and informed
  • Taking care of all announcements for guests to move between venues, locations and ceremonies
  • Announce entry of Bride and Bridegroom along with their families
  • Announcing toasts, speeches, first dance, cake cutting and welcome to guests
  • Ensuring that the function runs smoothly, coordinating with the DJ, band, catering team and other suppliers
  • Taking care of any issues behind-the-scenes
  • Overall – ensuring an enjoyable and memorable day is had by everyone in attendance

  • Working with event planners/ organiser
  • Attendance of meetings ahead of the event
  • Produce an Internal Schedule detailing running order for the event
  • Meet and greet guests
  • Announce dignitaries, speakers, hosts, and speeches/ awards
  • Ensure the event runs to time, and coordinate with other suppliers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to time